How do we offer the best prices in B.C.? We are a cell phone part wholesale company as well as your local repair store.

     Chilliwack Cell Phone Repair is the most trusted source for cell phone and tablet repairs. We use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts in all our repairs, which are done where customers can see and watch the repair process. Most repairs are done in 15 to 20 minutes. We offer the best quality at the best prices, call or text anytime 604-615-7176

 WE FIX ALL – APPLE – SAMSUNG – LG – phones and tablets.

 Open 7 days a week, no appointment needed (PLEASE NOTE SUNDAY IS BY APOINTMENT ONLY)

Monday to Friday open 10am to 6pm

Saturday open 12pm to 4pm

Sunday by apointment


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  1. What do we do when our phone is broken? Most commonly we go to our carrier, Rogers, Chatter, Telus, Koodo, Bell, Virgin, Fido or others. They have a protocol and it is not typically to mention how quick and painless it is to just have your cell phone repaired. It is more in there interest to tell you it can not be repaired, and you should renew your contract and pay for a new phone, which will come with an increase in your monthly rate, the purchase cost of a new phone and even the buy out of your current contract. Where you will rush into a decision because of your broken phone situation and maybe not do the research you should to pick the best device for you. This will lead to more issues and problems down the road. We recommend stoping in our cell phone repair store to see what all your options are and what is the best first step. We are essentially Doctors providing Health care for the new most valuable human body part. We specialize in iPhone Repair, iPad Repair, iPod Repair, Tablet Repair, Android Repair, Samsung Repair, Computer Repair, MacBook Repair, Computer upgrades, Website building and so much more..

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      1. Hey. I have a iphone 4 that doesnt work but im not to worried about being able to use it again. Im just wondering if i would be able to get the videos and photos off it still.


  2. These guys are the best, I broke my iPhone screen and my friend told me to take it to them, I walked in thinking it was going to take a long time and be expensive. Well it was cheap and fast my phone looked new again in like 10 minutes! Then they repaired my husbands cell phone as his power button wasn’t working, well I’m just amazed at the price and service which you don’t see very often anymore I definitely recommend Chilliwack cell phone repair to anyone needing screen replacement or any other cell phone repair,

    Thanks guys I love my iPhone again.

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  3. I wanted to get my cell phone fixed and didnt feel safe taking it to someones house for repair. Not wanting to drive to Abbotsford i googled chilliwack cell phone repair and found we do have a professional store here, i will never go any where else to get a phone fixed again, very good service and i got to watch my phone get repaired and that felt good 🙂

    Thanks guys im a customer for life.

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  4. How much would it cost to fix a iPhone 6 Plus screen?
    How much would it cost to fix a iPad 2 screen?
    How much would it cost to fix a iPad Air screen?


    1. Hi Gillian our warranty covers any part defect, it does not cover physical damage BUT no matter what the case we would want the customer to come in and we would do the best we can to help. At all 7 of our stores in Canada we are understanding, honest, and helpful.


  5. Hi! What would be the price for replacing a Samsung note 3 glass? The touch feature still works fine, but the look of the scratch is bothersome. Could you just replace the outer layer of the screen?


  6. Moto G (2nd Generation). Screen needs replacement (dropped phone). Works okay. Bezel appears ok. Pieces of screen starting to fall off. Possible to fix?


  7. Travelling from Quebec, needed quick repair. Great service, on the spot, great prices, and family based business. I would recommend highly. The owner was also very knowledgable and Helpful!!! Also, a musician..bonus!!!


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